focus on... How many Peperomias?
Since the first description of the genus by Ruiz & Pavón in 1794, 2554 different species names plus another 677 variety and form names have been published. In the meanwhile, 1558 of them are considered as synonyms or otherwise illegitimate names.  

focus on... New geophytic Peperomias
For a long time geophytic Peperomias have been considered as a rather small subgenus (Tildenia). Field work and extended study of herbarium specimens revealed that this group includes a lot more variety than initially thought. The description of 25 new species in the last decades almost doubled the number of known Tildenia species.  

focus on... Recently described new Peperomia species
It appears that the extending scientific interest in the genus Peperomia during the last two decades is resulting in the publication of a substantially higher number of new taxa.  

focus on... Peperomia caperata cultivars
The many cultivars of Peperomia caperata are regularly seen in plant shops all over the world. They are characterized by their wrinkled leaves.  

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