PBO : Peperomia Bibliography Online

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With about 1000 Peperomia related publications the PBO is the most complete bibliography concerning this genus.

In addition to the bibliographic reference, a taxon index is provided which mentions the names discussed in every publication. If you have access to publications listed in the PBO, which have no taxon index as yet, please contact us. Adding taxon indexes will give this bibliography a notable added value.

When it concerns a first publication you will see the name underlined in the taxon index (running project). Clicking on such name will directly link to a scan of the original publication.

Limit your selection by using any combination of input fields. You may choose a particular year of publication (by using only the first input field) as well as a year range (filling out the two Year fields chronologically). You may search the displayed selection for species names and particular key words with your regular browser search option.

Publications are listed in inverse chronological order, so you have the most recent ones at a glance. The PBO lists publications from 1794 on, the year of the first use of the name Peperomia by Ruiz & Pavón in "Florae Peruvianae et Chilensis Prodromus".