TRGP : Taxonomic Repertory of the Genus Peperomia

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Legenda :
Accepted names of species, varieties and forms are displayed in bold. Unaccepted names (later homonyms, synonyms, not (validly) published names) are displayed between straight brackets [ ].
First publication reference or herbarium specimen(s) in the case of an herbarium name. Underlined references link to a scan of the protologue.
Geographic distribution and acronyms of the herbaria where type specimens are stored.
Link to digital image of herbarium specimen. When a herbarium acronym is followed by an asterisk [*] the image is provided by, and displayed with authorization of, the mentioned herbarium. Otherwise it concerns photos belonging to our own collection.

Link to a photo of a living specimen in habitat or ex situ collection
Currently accepted name for the taxon (with reference between brackets).

The TRGP lists all species and variety names of the genus (over 3000...) with the exception of cultivar names. The TRGP information is based on the original protologues, additional data from secondary sources (literature, existing databases) and herbarium sheets. Synonymy is treated thoroughly and regularly updated.

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